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Wal-Mart Low Price? Low Cost?
Thursday. 12.7.06 11:19 am

 “God made Adam first, so women will always
be second to men,” explained a male manager at an Aiken, South
Carolina, store. That was in answer to 15-year employee Kathleen
McDonald, who had wondered aloud why her male co-workers made more
money than she did.

huh? don't it sound very funny?
what is it going to do with God? So what..... just imagine 15 years working at
Wal-Mart and without promotion? Holy cow... and if you do further reading they
actually give a blank promise.. and besides that they also promote inexperience
male as compared to women

Wal-Mart is discriminating the
women, they received less than 40% from the male... and when the women fight for
their right.. this is what they answer

 “In many instances,
Featherstone said, Wal-Mart managers openly acknowledged the unequal
treatment, even defending it as fair. Men need to earn more, they
would argue, because they are the family breadwinners, responsible
for the support of their wives and kids.

ha-ha.. that's is the funniest
statement I ever came through after reading untraceable information about
Wal-Mart... come on today the world change... and we are equally important in
supporting the family. The trend now is Double income family and Wal-Mart just
gave such a silly defending excuse... (shame on them) besides that, pity those
single mum... I wonder what will they felt after reading this statement...

While the inside
protest took them by surprise, Wal-Mart managers knew about the
outside protest. Browsing Wal-Mart aisles stacked with foreign-made
goods, this reporter overheard a plainclothes Wal-Mart manager, a
white male, deliver a set of quick and stern orders to a trio of
Latino Wal-Mart employees. “Some people are here who might try to
talk with you about a union,” the manager said. “They may ask you to
sign something, a union card. Don’t talk to them! Don’t sign
anything! Tell them not to bother you at work.”

after reading this
statement.. and the whole case study posted by my lecturer.... it shows that
Wal-Mart is chicken out they just don't want union to interface their "LOW
PAY" wages... if Union come in... they going to cry... and it my case study
that I had read... it say that there is a Meat Cutting Department at
Wal-Mart but after they join the union their department was close down
within 2 weeks.. make your our conclusion...

This shows that if their
employees where to join Union... their life is at stake because they will
lost their job...

In another case, a former
Wal-Mart manager claimed that supervisors had been known to regularly delete
hours from time records and even to reprimand employees who claimed overtime
hours so the store could keep its labor costs under control.'

that's is so unethical..........
if they delete the times means the employees do not able to claim for their
extra hours hard work... (ah... so unethical practice.... labor exploitation,
human rights.... )


Besides all this , lots of
information you can get from the net.. so I'm going to let you search for your
self.. but maybe .. if my mood is good.. and I have NBTD and want to cari pasal
(look for trouble) then ill do some reading on Wal-Mart again.... besides
Wal-Mart there are other organization that practicing unethical business
strategy... they even use child labor.. such as what happen in NIKE.... and what
posted by


on Santa Workshop.. they are against the human rights.. and besides that they
use "monetary form" to reward their employees to "cheat" the authorities that
came for investigation. 

P.S: Although there are not Wal-Mart rooting at my country but im aware of the things happening involving Wal-Mart because the text books that i'm using were imported from oversea...

of course please correct me if the Wal-Mart incident had solve... and do correct me if there is something wrong with my opinion and information search... i writting this blog is because tomorrow my exam involved Wal-Mart case study.. so by writting it as a blog.. it help me to remember and familiarize with Wal-Mart cases.

Besides that, i would like to say sorry to those that felt offended after reading this blog because it doesnt mean to attack any parties.. i just wanted to share and at the same time enhance my learning.. is a mutually exclusive manner....

Of course here i would like to take the opportunity to thank my Business Ethics' sir (his name will remain anonymous since i do not get his permission to reviews his name here... *human rights* wahha) for creating my interest towards ethical business... lol * believe it or not b4 that i think bribery is acceptable *

Well if you wish to enhance your knowledge or just busy body in getting hold of Wal-Mart (selfishness) you can just search for it... you know Google is powerful to get information... (lol this is what my sir always said)

Thats all.. hope you enjoy... (if this post get lots of hits.. i might consider to increase my post on Business ethics.. something to share.. :D) cheers.....


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Recommended by 7 Members
CDJno1 peachy7646 bzhuo373 lcas CPKviperpheonix Dilated x

I don't like Wal-Mart and I don't shop there. They often choose small logistics companies to help them get good deals on rail, warehousing, and trucking... slowly they give the small company more and more business until Wal-Mart business is all the company does. At this point they tell the company that they aren't going to pay the full price that the company charges for their services. If the company objects, Wal-Mart tells them that if that is the case, they will simply take their business elsewhere. Desperate not to lose their only client, the companies often agree to take a pay cut. But then Wal-Mart imposes another pay cut, then another, until the logistics company is slowly run out of business and the owners lose everything.
I hate Wal-Mart!!!

But I like your snow-flakes and your post on business ethics.
» Zanzibar on 2006-12-07 12:43:36

Wow... After reading ur blog anf zanzibar's comment..... No doubt I dont know anything bout it.. But.. this gives Wal-Mart a very bad impression.. Shame on them....
» Xboyz on 2006-12-07 01:16:11

globalization is god
wal-mart is not the only MNC that's doing like that. there are many more. if you read a lot of books on globalization written by Naomi Klein, Thomas L. Friedman, Joseph Stiglitz then you will have a better understanding.

I'm basically neither on globalization or anti-globalization side. therefore, i do agree with what the globalization authors have written. but denizens of globalization are not stupid so one day Wal-Mart will be ousted by people. So why worry? But then, Wal-mart is not worry about that either because they just could relocate to some other countries that are willing to lower their bargain in all aspect. if these people don't want Wal-mart jobs, fine, other people will want, as the saying goes, getting a job is better than nothing.

cut it short; why look at Wal-Mart if there are also some employers in Malaysia doing the same thing to their maids?
» renaye on 2006-12-07 09:17:10

I'm sure there are lots of other organizations like that in this world. Good luck on your exam.
» blueyen on 2006-12-07 10:47:49

well my case study in on walmart so i focus on Walmart... yes lots of Malaysian organisation are practicing this "game plan" but Malaysian are pressure not to say anything.. we are underpaid and our union are not active as compare to other country... try search for Wal-Mart in Bangladesh... see what they do to them...

Yes walmart is good in bringing job opportunity to people.. but at the same time they exploit or be big bullied to small shop around the neighbourhood... they can say yes im go because i create job opportunity but at the same time they have the ability to move out from the neighbourhood in shortest period time and left the neighbourhood all by themself... this will become worse...

Walmart is good for the economy but they are bully... everyday low price by giving the lowest wages as possible so that it can counter their low price products... In the case i read, they actually said that the employees cant even afford to purchase "lowest price products from wal-mart with the current wages" so just imagine...

Of course lots of MNC doing that and practicing that such as Raplh currently know as Kroger (correct me if im wrong) was involved in sexual discrimination and sexual harrasment.. and the top management choose to ignore it until after 14 months the top management only decide to take action..... [they take action because media are making noise]

lots of ethicals issues resolve around the business world... wait after i finish my exam im gonna write it haha.... just enjoy :P and of course u can search for more information on this problems.. my view might be wrong
» jolenesiah on 2006-12-07 11:09:35

But you're staying so far away
» Xboyz on 2006-12-10 09:06:00

Something new
Nice to learn something new everyday. I had an idea of this but was not entirely aware of this whole situation. Thanks for bringing it up. I will have to look into this more. Maybe even try getting hired at walmart just to be a mad and evil spy at walmart to get the insider view of things. Although I already have a great job teaching japanese at university maybe this would be a great "hijacking" opportunity for someone to get jobs at these places to learn about how these companies work. I guess it is just all in the name of business, progress and globalization.
Well if anything I think would be sure to be blacklisted.
» bzhuo373 on 2006-12-14 02:00:58

Xboyz : is not the matter of where i live... as a business student.. i must be more open to all around the world.. maybe one day ill self-employed.. and i have to look into this unethical issue.... ill do somethings on TI one day (Texas Intruments.. having the best code of ethics)

bzhuo373 : actually there was one journalist did that.. and she do make a v bad review on Wal-Mart...
» jolenesiah on 2006-12-15 10:46:56

I've read a bunch of articles from years ago that this has been going on there. Almost all companies don't promise promotions or raises though. It's smart business. You stick it in the employee handbook that no one reads, but everyone signs saying they have only to find out 5 years down the road their boss is a jerk and he now has your sig. backing up why he doesn't have to give you a red cent. God I love my bosses! XD
» Katrina on 2006-12-19 06:30:50

Hmm. Quite a few people I know depise/hate/detest walmart for multiple reason. I've never been to one, but from what they tell me all the walmart stores should be burned down.
» Panda-Lord on 2006-12-20 06:41:31

Walmart is extremely sexist. They are also wayyy too mean. Price cutting takes away from their image of being a nice place to shop. My walmart looks like crap.
» ryan444123 on 2006-12-22 08:52:28

I had two friends that once worked at Wal-Mart. They both said that when they hit forty hours (as though the managers were watching the clock) they were asked to leave. No matter the day of the week, the time or how busy they were. It was the day after Thanksgiving when one was asked to leave at ten thirty Friday morning aka black Friday and she had only just gotten there two and a half hours before.
They are a service based organization that does not care about the customer but of money. So they did not feel bad when they left the TOY department with NO ONE WORKING IN IT. *shakes head at the idiocy of Wal-mart* I wouldn't shop there but I have no where else to go on a college student's budget.
» writergirl20 on 2006-12-22 09:07:49

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